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Our brief, science-backed psychometric tools provide insights into how employees and their teams are functioning in the workplace. We help you, and your employees, understand their workplace attitudes.

Cognacity’s specialist performance coaches work individually with your employees to turn these results into a plan to inform real, positive change at the level of each employee, creating changes at the team and organisational level.

Workplace MOT

Empower your employees with actionable insights into their workplace behaviours

The Cognacity ‘Workplace MOT’ provides an assessment of the overall wellbeing of an organisation’s employees, at a fraction of the time-cost of other similar products on the market. We provide organisation-level data, while also offering each employee valuable insights into their own workplace experiences, maximising performance.

Our model was developed using the extensive experience of our performance coaches. We established that there are four main areas that improve employee wellbeing and boost performance.

Avoid Burnout

Recognising the early or later stages of burnout to prevent or rectify a state of emotional exhaustion and workplace cynicism.

Reduce Distraction

Helping individuals to understand their workplace efficiency, battling feelings of boredom or lack of fulfilment.

Identfy Over-commitment

Identifying employees that are highly dedicated to their work, but are not taking sufficient recovery time, leading to a decrease in intended performance.

Maximise Engagement

Identifying employees who are highly engaged with their workplace. This is the workplace state all of our work strives for. We help employees in any of the other three states to achieve this level of work engagement and help those already there maintain and boost their performance further.

I had my 1-on-1 session with Cognacity a few weeks ago and found it to be an incredibly and lastingly beneficial session. During the conversation, my coach introduced interesting concepts regarding stress, stress management and burnout and, importantly, introduced me to brand new ways of thinking about these topics.


Royal Bank of Canada


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